Strictly necessary Cookies

Cookie Name Purpose
BC, cmRS These cookies retain the products you have not purchased in the basket so that if you come back they are still there for a quick purchase if required.
mobile session, SERVERID These cookies enable us to respond to your actions on the mobile site for example “add to basket”
JSESSIONID These cookies enable us to respond to your actions on our website site for example “add to basket”.

Performance Cookies

Cookie Name Purpose
Speed trap These cookies capture visitor data which is used to enable us to target offers to customers.
Core metrics Core metrics is a website analytics provider and the cookie gathers data on how customers behave on our website. It tells us how many people are coming and going or what they are looking at and buying.

Functionality Cookies

Cookie Name Purpose
DYN_USER_CONFIRM, DYN_USER_ID, DYN_REG, LS These cookies help to recognise you allowing us to display a welcome message and means we treat you as a registered customer and not a new customer. It also provides security when you’re using the website whether you’re logged in or not.
Optimost – mdr_browser, op648basketpagegum, opAddedProduct, op648basketpagegum, op648basketpageliid, mdr_browser These cookies allow us to show different versions of the site for testing purposes. We can then show different versions of pages to different customers to access which is the best layout, so that we can constantly keep improving the website for our customers.
FRD_USER_TOKEN This cookie allows us to keep track of the different account logins from the same machine, atgRecVisitorId, atgRecSessionid, tmdts, tmdts_sec These cookies help us to provide recommendations of products we think you may be interested in
JSESSIONID_eptica These cookies are used to make our “Help” service work.

Advertising Cookies

Cookie Name Purpose
Campid This helps us to identify which online marketing channel you came from and which is the most effective. They also allow us to reward external sites for directing you to us.
Qubit Qubit cookies collect non-personal information, for example to learn about the behavior of visitors to our website and how they respond to our marketing communications. The more we learn, the better we are able to provide relevant and interesting content.We also advertise on third party websites, Qubit cookies allows us to see which advertisement you interacted with. Examples of these are advertisers including;Affiliate Window
Yield manager
AtlasQubit provide a Global opt out function which you can use to switch off all Qubit cookies